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7th CD released

December 26, 2011

My 7th CD, titled Happy Worlds, was released last week. Please give it a listen here:


More new music released…

December 19, 2011

Well, my 6th CD was released a earlier this month. It’s titled Peace Within.

Peace Within - Dave Jacquet CD

I’ve also recorded 6 songs for the next album, Happy Worlds. You can stream them for free here

Thanks for your continued support!

h1 A Friend (original song)

June 15, 2011

Just a little ditty I wrote and recorded with a Lanikai LU-21BE ukulele during my lunch time…

I never met my father
he was a famous man I’m told
He took his life farther
Cuz he never knew how to fold

My mama told me son
The nights they can be cold
When it’s all said and done
Lonely sure gets old

Find yourself a friend
someone to hold your hand
Who will love you till the end
Find yourself a friend

I found me a kind soul
Compassionate and sweet
She was dancing on a pole
Where people should never meet

I bought her a glass of wine
She whispered in my ear
I knew she was mine
I knew she was sincere

One day she said to me
And baby makes three

h1 Real Love (original song)

April 26, 2011

Sure it’s real love… in a demented way! Now that was a fun – and silly – song to write. Written & recorded on a Lanikai CK-B koa baritone ukulele 🙂

Show me the way
To make you wanna stay
I live for the day
You no longer want to get away

But until then I’ll keep you here
All tied up in the basement… my dear

Show me the love
So you can live one floor above
These latex gloves
Are not what my dreams are made of

But until then I’ll keep you here
All tied up in the basement… my dear

I’m your creepy lover guy
You know you’ll love me till you die
I see it in your big black eye
So come on baby won’t you try?

h1 Me… in Tahiti (Ukulele version)

April 17, 2011

A song I wrote called Me… in Tahiti recorded with a ukulele.

h1 The butt-naked song (original)

March 3, 2011

Life is better lived bare-assed. That’s my story, I’m sticking to it.

I’m butt naked on the porch
Fiddlin’ with my tiki torch
I’m working on a tan
The sun’s my biggest fan
I’m butt naked on the porch

I’m butt naked on the sand
A cold brewski in my hand
I’m enjoying the breeze
And smoking a few trees
I’m butt naked on the sand

The neighbors don’t mind
If they see my behind
It ain’t gonna make ’em blind
The neighbors don’t care
If they see my derriere
Out there… in the open air

I’m butt naked on a boat
Sippin’ on a root beer float
The fish are not scared
Or visually impaired
‘Cause I’m butt naked on a boat

I’m butt naked everywhere
Life is better lived bare
Not a care in the world
Just me and my girl
we’re butt naked everywhere


h1 See if I care (original song)

March 3, 2011

A simple song about the desire to leave it all behind, go leave in the tropics, and rediscover what really matters.

I fought the lazy, but the lazy won
I thought of the things that wouldn’t get done
I sat back down on my beach chair
And thought… see if I care

The fridge is empty, has been for days
I’m not all that hungry, anyways
If I can find someone w/ a beer to spare
Oh, sweet victory! See if I care

They say it can’t last
They say I gotta change fast
I could still be a millionaire
Well, sorry fellas, but… see if I care

Sittin’ in the sun, feelin’ no pain
I don’t remember the feel of the rain
I don’t have enough dough for a bus fair
But… see if I care

The house is a mess, I’m down to one shirt
I could clean up – but I’d rather flirt
On second thought I don’t have pants to wear
So… oh well, see if I care

I like it here in the sun
I’m having tons of fun
Come try with me if you dare
We’ll see… if you care

h1 Homeless Vet (Original song)

March 1, 2011

The streets of my life are cruel and cold
The streets of my life are not paved in gold
Once I had a wife, a warmth I could hold
Once I had a life – now I’m just growing old

I was ready to need, I was ready to bleed
I was longing for the speed of a hope that’s just been freed

I was draped in the flag, killing in a foreign land
My tail had a good wag, but I had blood on my hand
My soul’s in a body bag, but my pain I can withstand
They took back my dog tag, I just want to understand


I walk down your street, invisible at best
My aura, incomplete, my soul has not been blessed
You see me, then delete, from your mind at rest
The man with draggy feet – and the hole in your chest

h1 Our Sin (Original song)

February 14, 2011

An original song I wrote about that first spark between two people and what goes through their mind as lust first takes over, and then is consummated. Or maybe I was just feeling naughty – who knows? 🙂

h1 A love that kills

February 11, 2011

An original song written & recorded during lunch time…