MojoTwanger: (There) When I said it

January 8, 2011

A song I wrote and recorded for the HCEG open mic. True VOM1T.

Gear used:

Ovation Elite T
Blue USB Snowball mic

I know this girl who never smiled
I guess her skin was on too tight
And by the time she was with child
She married me, out of spite

she made my life hell on Earth
She was nobody’s idea of sweet delight
And on the day that she gave birth
She cursed me out with all her might

She Said I promised happy times ahead
I ain’t worth a bucket of warm spit
Honey I know what I said
I was there when I said it

Like a headless man in a topless bar
I sorta sit there on my own
Lost my head, didn’t get far
I can still hear her bitch & moan

By the sound of her voice on the phone
I can tell she’s pissed as hell
Only hot air will be blown
Even if on her knees she fell


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